• Rock n Roll
  • The Moonbeams
  • Julius Caesar
  • Back to the future-the underground
  • Newfoundland Canada
  • Early Australia


  • Jacob O'Mealley
  • Stephanie Elliot
  • Luke Lilley
  • Mitchell Kelly
  • Sam Shortland, Mikayla Einam, Amity Turner


Join the children at St Francis Primary School as they escort you on this journey through time in “The Time Machine. This is the school’s 3rd bi-annual whole school musical production under the brilliant direction of Mrs Ann-Louise Dooley(Performing Arts Co-ordinator)
Enjoy the marvellously eccentric professor and his team of corporate travellers as they travel backwards and forwards through time thanks to the ineptitude of one Randall Ashcroft – a ‘can do sort of guy who is always pushing the wrong buttons!


LAPrincipal: Lorrie – Ann Columbus
AL                Director: Ann-Louise Dooley
KProducer: Kathleen Watt